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Cash by Code

«Cash by code» is fast, convenient and safe transfer of funds from the card by cardholder through ATM and, acquisition of these funds by a person not having banking card. For using this service the party sending the funds must insert the plastic card into ATM and choose the «Cash by Code» service at the ATM menu. Then, the sender must insert the transfer amount and the recipient’s mobile number.


The system develops 10-digit code consisting of two parts. The first part of the code (the first 5 figures) is sent via SMS to the recipient’s mobile phone and, its second part (the last 5 figures) is printed as a bill and kept by the sender. The sender must notify the recipient regarding the code specified in the bill. For acquiring the funds the recipient must press insert the both parts of the code in consequence ((s)he acquires the 1st part of the code via SMS and, the second part is notified by the sender).



Оperations Price
Amount of transfer via AccessBank’s ATMs

from AZN 5 to AZN 200

(the number of of operatıons per day is not limited).

Fee for transfer of funds (by sender) min 1 AZN – max 1%
Fee for cashing the funds 0%

Plastic Cards

$ USD 1,6970
€ EUR 1,9548
₽ RUB -
£ GBP -


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