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Plastic Cards


You can always make a choice whether to obtain an AccessBank plastic card or to continue to risk carrying cash with you; to get a plastic card or to deprive yourself the opportunity to control your expenses; to get a plastic card or to declare money each time you travel abroad; to have a plastic card or to look for exchange offices when you travel to foreign countries. It’s your choice!

A plastic card is a universal means of payment, which makes your money available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike paper money, a plastic card can be used to pay for goods and services in every country of the world. You don’t have to convert your money first into local currencies, as the conversion is made automatically. Plus, carrying a plastic card is easier and safer than carrying cash.

In order to increase the level of safety of card operations and to prevent possible cases of fraud, presently the Bank has assigned restrictions and limits on the implementation of operations on the payment cards in the territory of the countries which have a high level of fraud including USA, countries of Latin America and Southeast Asia (the detailed list of the countries is attached). If it is necessary,the customers may apply to any branch of the Bank for the removal of the limit.




mycard - is an international card that combines the features of a deposit and debit card with additional opportunities. Using mycard you have a chance to make purchases all over the world and benefit extra income from your own funds. It is possible to use mycard at any place where there is an ATM, POS-terminal and access to the Internet. .

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Visa Infinite

This is a prestigious and privileged card that indicates the owner’s elite status. Visa Infinite includes all the benefits of Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum, while receiving a higher status. The card provides maximum convenience and VIP-service all over the world. It will provide you with special benefits, favorable terms and discounts.

MasterCard Black Edition

World MasterCard Black Edition card has been developed for people who travel often and value comfort and high service level. Being a key to new advantages and privileges, this card provides more unique offers than a financial instrument with easy and accessible turnover does.

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Visa Platinum/MasterCard Platinum

Luxury payment cards of international payment system Visa International. It is a symbol of high social status of its owner, recognized throughout the world. This card is a sign of special respect for the Bank to the customer. Visa Platinum/MasterCard Platinum card - the exclusive level of service, wide range of services and appropriate attention

Card tariffs

Visa Gold/MasterCard Gold

Card holders are treated as VIP clients everywhere! Gold card holders receive the highest quality services. The Visa Gold/MasterCard Gold card also offers great convenience and additional benefits.Card tariffs

Visa Electron/MasterCard Debit

it is one of the most popular cards in the Visa International Payment System. This card allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay via POS terminals in shopping centres all over the world.Card tariffs 

Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard

It also allows you to make payments for goods and services. Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard is unique for people who travel often because it offers flexibility and choice.

Card tariffs

Visa Business

It is an optimal means to organize and monitor travel and business expenses associated with any enterprise. Corporate cards allow you to pay for travelling expenses (hotel, to hire a car, ticket orders, etc.), office supplies, expenses associated with business activities (the purchase of goods, calculations with suppliers).

Card tariffs

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