Earning money is good, but earning money on money is even better!

With our advantageous deposit offers the money of your company will work and bring additional income.

Term Deposit

Turn free money into income!

  • Interest payment at the request of the client;
  • Automatic extension of the contract term.

"Rising" deposit

With a growing interest rate your money will also grow!

  • Increase of interest rate during the active deposit period at certain intervals of time;
  • Full payment of the accrued interest amount in case of early closing of the deposit;
  • Automatic renewal of the contract.

Instant Access deposit

Money in circulation can be made even more profitable!

  • Possibility of partial withdrawal of the deposit;
  • Monthly capitalization of interest on the deposit;
  • Unlimited replenishment of the deposit;

Currencies Rates

18.01.2019 BUY SELL
USD 1.6990 1.7030
EUR 1.8982 1.9563
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

18.01.2019 BUY SELL
USD 1.6990 1.7170
EUR 1.9271 1.9563
GBP 2.1641 2.2295
RUB 0.0251 0.0259



* - calculating by cash purchase rate