Bank in figures

This page contains AccessBank’s prudential reports showing the bank’s financial data that will enable to monitor the economic activity of the Bank in the Investor Relations section. The information includes financial results, annual reports, financial releases, ratings information etc.

Annual reports

Capital adequacy

Financial situation report

Profit and loss statement

Statement of Changes in Equity

Statement of Cash Flow

Leverage coefficient


Bank’s official auditor:
PwC Azerbaijan
Address: The Landmark Office Plaza III, 12th Floor
90A Nizami Street
Baku AZ1010, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 12 4972515
Fax: +944 12 4977411

Currencies Rates

USD 1.7000 1.7025
EUR 1.8824 1.9400
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

USD 1.6990 1.7025
EUR 1.9016 1.9362
GBP 2.2140 2.2818
RUB 0.0224 0.0232



* - calculating by cash purchase rate